Lazy Triangle Anchor Ranch
The Heart of Unit 4

Filming Location

The Lazy Triangle Anchor Ranch is available for filming. The ranch is located 12 miles west of Chama, NM at the intersection of US Highway 84 and US Highway 64. It is a low traffic area. Elevation is 2,500 – 10,000 ft. Plenty of wildlife in the higher elevated areas. It is near Chromo Peak (south facing), with lots of grassy areas, flat mesas, and spectacular views. It is a working ranch (cattle grazing and hunting), so some dates and/or areas may be restricted, but there are still plenty of areas to accommodate year-round.

Size specs:

Ranch – 17,000 acres
Lodge – 3,000 sq. ft.
House – 1,800 sq. ft. (currently under remodel)
Garage – 1,228 sq. ft.
Barn Port – 1,440 sq. ft.

The Lazy Triangle Ranch welcomes large and small productions for TV, Film, and Commercial. Plenty of parking is available on-site.

Visit our photo gallery to see what the entire ranch has to offer.

To enquire about filming your production on the property, email with the following details:

  1. Dates and number of shoot days (including preparation and wrap time)
  2. The nature of the project and how the location will be used. Will there be special effects such as fire, guns, etc.?
  3. Size of crew
  4. Production and production company details
  5. Any additional information